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European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR)

Eastern Partnership brand guidelines



This page provides tools and guidelines for everyone tasked with branding events, products or communication materials for the Eastern Partnership. Our collective work is what builds the new Eastern Partnership brand, and EEAS East Stratcom Task Force as well as DG NEAR are always available to help you do that. If you have questions or feedback, please contact: or

In order to ensure a coherent and coordinated communication approach, the Eastern Partnership new visual identity must be adhered to for the organisation of all related eventsthematic communications materials and for the future EaP Summit.

The guidelines linked below give an overview of the design elements produced for the brand.


Please note that the guidelines applies for products in several palettes: RGB (for digital), CMYK (for print) and Black&White. To ensure the best result, please use the palettes accordingly.


There are three variations of logotypes prepared: Generic, Generic with a quote and Summit.
Logotypes can be used in colour or Black and White formats.

Common rules for EaP logotypes

  • The main and strongly advised logo format to use is the horizontal version.
  • The square formats of the logotypes should be used only if it is really necessary.
  • All parts of the logotypes must remain together. They cannot be used as separated elements.
  • The proportions of the logotypes must be maintained.
  • The minimum clear space of the logotypes must be respected.
  • The colours of the logotypes cannot be modified or recreated. Use the source files of the logotypes provided.
  • The negative version of the logotypes cannot be created. Always use white in the background.

The generic logo


This logotype can be used on all occasions and materials, that are representing of related the Eastern Partnership.

  • Please download the generic logotype package HERE

The generic logo with a quote


The generic logotype with a quote is dedicated for various events that are organised under the EaP umbrella.

  • Please download the generic logotype with a quote package HERE

The Summit logo


The Summit logotype is dedicated only for the occasion of the EaP Summit.

If you would like to receive source files for the Summit logotype, please contact: or


The Supporting visual is based on the 5 main colours of the EaP logo. It groups them all in a series of overlapping gradient shapes.

The Supporting visual must be considered as an essential element of the EaP visual identity. Its use must be appropriate to draw attention where needed.

Despite this, it is not mandatory to use the Supporting visual on every medium. If, for technical, size or other reasons, it is impossible to use it, feel free to use the EaP logo on its own – its Generic illustration is also a strong visual element.

Please find out more on the supporting visual in THE EASTERN PARTNERSHIP BRAND GUIDELINES


#StrongerTogether is the EaP hashtag. It is strongly advised and recommended to use it as often as possible.

Please find out more on the hashtag in THE EASTERN PARTNERSHIP BRAND GUIDELINES


Eastern Partnership font

The Quicksand font family is a free Google font, which is easy to obtain. It will be used for all of the Eastern Partnership visual identity. If the Quicksand font does not support the language: Effra is used for Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian; DejaVu Sans for Georgian and Azerbaijani; and Arial AMU for Armenian.

Please find out more about the fonts in THE EASTERN PARTNERSHIP BRAND GUIDELINES


Here youcan find links for downloading source files for different products:

  • Badge: download here
  • Folder: download here
  • Letterhead: download here
  • Name plate: download here
  • Power point: download here
  • Roll-up: download here
  • Screensavers: download here

Please find more examples of the products in THE EASTERN PARTNERSHIP BRAND GUIDELINES

If you have any questions regarding the EaP Brand, please contact: or