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European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR)

TAIEX & Twinning

TAIEX and Twinning are EU institution building instruments.

To support positive reforms in partner countries, they both mobilise public sector expertise from EU Member States. TAIEX – for up to 5 days, Twinning – for up to 3 years.


TAIEX (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange) instrument can be rapidly deployed (in a few weeks) and offers short-term activities (1-5 days; workshops, expert missions and study visits) responding to requests from partner countries.

TAIEX events are managed by DG NEAR headquarters and funded from TAIEX budget lines (not country allocations).

TAIEX activities can trigger further cooperation with the EU or they can complement an existing activity by adding a peer learning dimension.


Twinning is a policy-driven instrument supporting institutional cooperation between public administrations in EU Member States and partner countries.

Twinning projects need to be included in the programming and are funded from bilateral country allocations. Projects are managed by EU Delegations / Offices.

Twinnings are medium to long term projects (12 – 36 months) of grant nature.

TAIEX in action

TAIEX works quickly to design and deliver tailor-made workshops, expert missions and study visits. Watch the testimonials below to hear from our beneficiaries.

Where to start?

TAIEX events are managed by DG NEAR headquarters and can be requested by beneficiaries (classic) or the European Commission / European External Action Service (strategic). Incoming requests are analysed on a rolling basis. Click here to request a TAIEX event (desktop browser recommended).

Twinning projects are managed by EU Delegations / Offices. Click here to find Diplomatic Representations of the EU.

Want to learn more?

Consult the TAIEX & Twinning websites.

Read our latest Annual Activity Report.

Explore TAIEX events implemented so far via TAIEX Search.

Reach out to the Institution Building Unit for individual guidance.