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European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR)
News article20 June 2024Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations2 min read

EU and Ukraine update and extend Road Transport Agreement


The EU and Ukraine decided today to prolong and update their current road transport Agreement. The Agreement aims at helping Ukraine access world markets by facilitating transit through EU countries and further developing its links with the EU market. First signed on 29 June 2022 following Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the agreement has substantially increased trade by road between Ukraine and the EU, to the benefit of both economies.

The Agreement is therefore prolonged until 30 June 2025, with tacit renewal for another period of six months, unless one of the parties disagrees and has solid and clear evidence that there is a major disturbance of its road transport market or that the Agreement's objectives are clearly no longer being met. To enhance implementation, the Agreement now includes the following provisions to:

  • Require transport operators to carry documents proving authorisation for international carriage and compliance with the Agreement.
  • Require documents certifying that unladen operations are directly linked to a transit or bilateral operation, as per the Agreement.
  • Enhance compliance by road haulage operators with Agreement obligations, in particular addressing fraud, forgery of driver documents, and traffic safety offences, which could lead to the loss of rights to provide transport services specified in the Agreement.
  • Introduce a safeguard clause allowing suspension of the Agreement in specific geographical areas if a road transport market in this area experiences major disturbances attributable to the Agreement.


Since the Agreement, which temporarily facilitates road freight transport between the European Union and Ukraine, Ukrainian road exports to the EU have grown significantly. Specifically, export volume has increased by about two-thirds, while export value has risen by one-third. This translates to over 300,000 additional tonnes of goods exported monthly. In parallel, Ukrainian imports from the EU have also surged, with import volume rising by approximately 300,000 tonnes per month. Import value has increased almost three times faster than export value, reaching over €700 million per month compared to €250 million per month.  The Agreement, implemented due to lost transport routes and export markets east of Ukraine caused by the Russian aggression, supports the EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes. It has facilitated the transport of vital goods like fuel and humanitarian aid into Ukraine and enabled Ukrainian exports such as grain, ores, and steel to reach the EU and beyond.

The previous end date of the Agreement was 30 June 2024. The updated and extended agreement was signed in Brussels by Commissioner Adina Vălean and Serhiy Derkach, Deputy Minister for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine. 

A similar agreement is in place between the EU and Moldova.

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Since the initial Agreement, Ukrainian road exports to the EU have surged significantly, adding over 300,000 tonnes of goods exported monthly. Simultaneously, Ukrainian imports from the EU have soared, with import value growing nearly threefold compared to export value, reaching an impressive €700 million per month. Extending this Agreement is a powerful expression of European solidarity. By reinforcing the agreement with robust safeguards and unwavering enforcement, we lay the foundation for enduring transport connections that strengthen Ukraine’s resilience

Adina Vălean, Commissioner for Transport

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