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European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR)

EU Support to Refugees in Türkiye

Türkiye hosts over 4 million refugees, including more than 3.5 million registered Syrian refugees. The EU is committed to assisting Türkiye in dealing with this challenge. Since 2011 it has directed close to €10 billion to assist refugees and host communities in Türkiye.

One of the main mechanisms for managing this funding, the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey, coordinates a total of €6 billion in support to refugees and host communities in the country, designed to ensure that their needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner. The full operational budget of the Facility €6 billion has been allocated and contracted, and more than €5 billion has been disbursed. Support under the Facility focuses on humanitarian assistance, education, migration management, health, municipal infrastructure, and socio-economic support.

The EU continues to support refugees in Türkiye also beyond the Facility. It mobilised supplementary humanitarian support in 2020 and ensures the continuation of key Facility interventions under an additional allocation of €3 billion for the period of 2021-23.

Facility for Refugees in Turkey

The full operational budget of the Facility €6 billion has been committed and contracted, with more than €5 billion disbursed.

  - Further information on how the Facility works can be found in the Factsheet.

  - Facility Project Factsheets

  - Humanitarian assistance

  - See here for a detailed overview of projects funded by the Facility for Refugees in Turkey.

  - Strategic Mid-Term Evaluation of the Facility for Refugees in Turkey (2016-2019/20)

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