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European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR)

Kosovo - financial assistance under IPA

Indicative funding allocation 2014-2020: €602.1 million

It is expected that funding in this period will contribute to the achievement of all the results listed in the following priority sectors:

  • Democracy & governance

Reforming the civil service (improving reliability, transparency, accountability); more efficient public service delivery; establishing democratic institutions, strengthening existing democracy (local government, the Assembly, independent oversight bodies).

  • Rule of law & fundamental rights

Strengthening the rule of law; fighting corruption and organised crime; implementing human rights law, and protecting and including minority and vulnerable groups.

  • Energy

Reforming the energy sector to tackle major health and environmental problems; ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy supply; greater use of renewable energies; alignment with EU energy law.

  • Competitiveness & innovation

Designing and implementing competitiveness policies; providing public services that meet private sector needs.

  • Education, employment & social policies

Improving the functioning of the labour market; raising education standards; promoting skills development; restructuring the social welfare system.

  • Agriculture & rural development

Increasing competitiveness in agriculture and food production, and raising food safety standards; improving living standards in rural communities, building a climate-resilient rural economy.

  • Regional and territorial cooperation

Improving regional and neighbourly relations through Cross‑Border Cooperation programmes.

How will these priorities be implemented? (general background on IPA).

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